London Academy of Dressmaking & Design

Course Enrolment

Due to our unique style of individual attention, students are welcome to enrol and commence their course at the Academy at any time of the year, with the prior approval of the Academy, depending on vacancies.

Daily Time Schedule

Any course at the Academy can be taken Full or Part Time Classes. Class times are as follows: Full Time 10.00 to 13:00 or 14:00 to 17:00 (5 days per week) Part Time 10:00 to 13:00 or 14:00 to 17:00 (3 days per week)

Full Time students are to attend 5 lessons per week either morning or afternoon. Part Time students are to attend 3 lessons per week either morning or afternoon, arranged for any three days per week (Mon - Fri). Morning and afternoon classes are arranged at the discretion of the student. Students can also arrange to attend two lessons per day if they so wish.

Entry Qualifications/Requirements

Students do not require any special qualifications to join our Academy. All students with the ability and initiative to learn the Art of Dressmaking & Designing are welcome to attend.


In order to create a better understanding and to attend to the needs of those who have language difficulties, all students at the Academy are looked after and attended to on an individual basis. Our exclusive teaching methods enable students of all age groups and nationalities to attend our Academy. Lessons at the Academy are taught on a full scale and practical level. Only reference notes and graphs for filing purpose are applied in half scale. All garments made at the Academy during any course are also made to full scale and are finished to a professional standard. All lessons at the Academy are Practical Applications. We do not use any form of internet or computer software, magazines or text books to teach any of our lessons. All designs used by the students are of their own creation.


All students are to undertake an exam at the end of each course. Diplomas and certificates are awarded to all successful students. Students, who are attending short courses, must attend their examination before commencement of further short courses. All examinations are subject to a £35.00 administration fee.

UK Entry Certificate and Student Visa

The Academy has voluntarily withdrawn from the UKBA International student visa application process. International students visiting the UK, and willing to attend any of our courses are welcome to do so at any time during the year, depending on vacancies. Students should also note that the rate of school fees shown within the prospectus applies to EU/UK students. International students are subject to a further charge of approximately 15% on all school fees (INT).

Disabled Students

At the London Academy, we aim to provide equal opportunities for all our students. We encourage applications from disabled people. We are committed to breaking down any barriers that prevent successful and enjoyable learning, and aim to respond positively and flexibly to the needs of the disabled students. Disabled students are welcomed at the Academy and we aim to provide suitable access and facilities to enable a high standard of practical education. The Academy must be informed if a student has any form of disability prior to enrolment and commencement of their course.

Enrolment Fees

All courses at the Academy are subject to enrolment fees:

Senior Diploma Course - £100.00

Basic & Advance Diploma - £50.00

Foundation Diploma Course - £40.00

All 24 week courses - £40.00

All 18 week courses - £35.00

All 12 week courses - £30.00

All 8 week courses - £25.00

All short courses - £15.00

Enrolment fees are payable at the commencement of each individual course. Enrolment fees are not refundable or transferable should the student fail to commence his/her course for any reason.

Course fees are subject to change at management discretion.

Payment of School Fees

Fees for Basic & Advance Diploma Courses, Foundation Diploma Courses, and all short courses must be paid in full in advance prior to commencing lessons. Fees for Senior Diploma courses can be paid in three termly instalments, prior to commencement of lessons at the beginning of each yearly term.

The Academy reserves the right to change if necessary fees, lessons per subject, time schedule and length of courses. Prior notice will be given to all those attending the Academy at such time of change. All remaining balances of school fees are subject to interest charges per month at the discretion of the Academy.

Correspondence Courses

Lessons by correspondence can be arranged for most courses. Fees for correspondence courses are inclusive of tuition fees, graphs and notes, all design samples, and also postage. Original pattern graphs and design samples must be returned on completion of each lesson.

Length Of Courses

All courses provided by the Academy, whether by correspondence or students who attend the Academy, can be extended to further lengths depending upon the needs of the individual. Fees will be charged accordingly. Only those students who have already had prior knowledge of the Basic Pattern-Making or Dressmaking courses can attend the Advance Pattern-Making or Dressmaking courses.

Penalty For Non - Attendance

Any Full Time or Part Time registered student of the Academy who fail to complete their course in the time specified, will be liable to pay extra fees to complete their course. Students who are suffering illness must provide a relevant medical doctors certificate stating the nature of the illness. Those students who fail to attend their course and do not possess a relevant medical certificate shall forfeit their time to the Academy. Students are reminded that for non-attendance fees are not refundable or transferable. Any International Student who fails to attend their course appropriately, the Home Office will be notified under the Home Office Immigration Rules for Students.